Memorial Service and Plaque Dedication on the 70th Anniversary of the Accident Iceland

Oli Marteinsson, Jim Lux and Doddi Marteinsson in U.S. Ambassador Luis Arreaga's residence.

United States Ambassador Luis Arreaga (black coat) speaking at the plaque dedication
Hot Stuff Memorial - 07.JPG

Jim Lux speaking during the plaque dedication. The men in red jackets or members of the Iceland Coast Guard.
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Doddi speaking during the plaque dedication
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Keilir institute of Technology and Iceland Coast Guard fly-by and missing man formation at the plaque dedication.
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Jim Lux flanked by Oli and Doddi Marteinsson. The plaque was Doddi's idea. He and Oli located the site and, with the help of Ambassador
Areaga, the mayor and city council of Grindavik the land was donated for the plaque and a future memorial monument. Doddi had the plaque
stand built. Jim designed the plaque and he and Doddi completed the installation at 10:00 PM the night before the dedication.
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Nancy Lux and Susan Rondeau in front of the Andrews Theater where the memorial service took place in Keflavik, Iceland.

Jim and Nancy Lux with President of Iceland Olafur Grimsson in the lobby of the Andrews Theater.


Dodd and Oli Marteinsson, President Grimsson and Jim Lux
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The Rondeau family with President Grimsson. Grant Rondeau an engineer/gunner on Hot Stuff was bumped from the flight.
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